rooting hoya in leca

I have a large hoya compacta and a new hoya carnosa. Hi – Hoyas in general aren’t fond of being moved; often at least. I like to root my Hoyas outside in the spring and summer, so the surrounding environment takes care of temperature and ambient humidity for me. Hoyas forum: Advice rooting Hoya Caudata cutting. With the advent of spring, I’ve been feeling really inspired and motivated to write more blog posts. Biggest leaf on mother plant is nearl Chat to Buy Hoya compacta is a mealybug magnet, so be sure to check every single part of each leaf as part of your routine plant maintenance and health checks. Take a look at the photo below. Stems aid in the photosynthesis process. This is my favorite plant and the blossoms are beautiful. I started some leaf cuttings again a few months ago, just know that the petiole has to be attached, and once again they all rooted fairly quickly. If you can find some decent stems, you can propagate the CC.Or, try repotting it. Nell. Buy Hoya Sarawak (rooting in LECA, semi-hydro) in Singapore,Singapore. These aren’t necessary, but they encourage faster root growth. Learn all the critical care tips such as light, soil, pot size, and propagation. Then one day someone stole it from our porch!!!! Frequently Asked Questions ; Hoya carnosa compacta is a plant that immediately attracts attention because of its beautiful shiny foliage and adorable blossoms. save. I love Hoyas & mine seem to flower when they want to. While it was…” 600 Likes, 25 Comments - Jonathan Lefrançois (@jrlefrancois) on Instagram: “Hoya compacta rooting in LECA. In the photo below, you can see where I stripped a couple of lower leaves so I have a bare node and some aerial roots to work with. If you don’t feel like propagating Hoya cuttings but want a plant of your very own, here’s a Hindu Rope Hoya for you. I had stems from my Hoya plant that have produced umbels with flowers even though the leaves had fallen from the plant months ago. I typically use a tiny bit of potting soil, with tons of amendments like perlite, orchid bark, and horticultural charcoal (I was out of charcoal this time)! Any idea on the Christmas cactus? Benefits of Expanded Clay Pellets When rooting in a mix, I take shorter stem cuttings – 1, 2 or 3 nodes at the most and strip off all the leaves except those at the very top. That’s your call. The plant can continue to be grown in leca or you can put it in soil if you wish. You can leave it in the 4″ or 6″ pot for a while (the one you’re propagating it in). Alan taking a cutting off a Hoya 'Mini Belle' CUT IT! For years it didn’t flower. Take a cutting from a healthy plant in spring/summer. Step 2: Number Two: This single Hoya leaves all rooted in a terra cotta saucer. The ideal type of cutting for hoya propagation should have two or three nodes on it with just two leaves at the top end of the cutting. These pins work like a charm, and in most cases, you can reuse them. Do you think it would survive if I divided it? Water propagation doesn’t always work for some Hoya species; even if roots do develop, you run the risk of transfer shock from water to soil. Hoya Sarawak (rooting in LECA, semi-hydro). It’s also important to keep the Hoya cutting warm and humid. The first cuttings I got this year I chopped up and put most in hydrotron but one cutting of each hoya in potting soil as well. Have you had experience with hoya linearis? Like skydiving. Post & video on that coming soon. Callus a plant cutting by leaving it out of any water or medium to dry on a counter for a few hours. I don’t soak my leca, but I do wash it thoroughly. I went down to Melb. It’s very simple, really! Sunny Southern California (Zone 10b) Sproquita Dec 27, 2019 10:09 AM CST . Hoyas propagate easily. These where growing up, so the leaves are upside down. It's with H. Fungii and H. Carnosa Krimson Queen. Please feel free to message me I am more than happy to let you pick your clipping Shipping~ US only We mail out Monday - Tuesday . This hoya has small leaves that grow in purple, stay purple/pink longer than most, and eventually turn green with black edges. Have you ever propagated Hoyas before? PROPAGATION. Okay, so I got my hoya imbricata cutting today and I'm soooo excited!! String of pearls plant cuttings root readily provided they have a bit of preparation and the correct medium. I inherited a Hoya from a 96 year old woman. Top dress with Sphagnum moss (not mandatory) 4. Some folks like to let it dry as long as 24 hours, but I just check on it after a few hours to make sure the end looks like it’s dried up and there’s no longer any sap or juices seeping out. This hard to find, super popular houseplant has a bit of scandal and mystique surrounding it. Red Pot size: 2 inch, LECA Sunlight needs: Bright indirect light Watering needs: Light *The plant in the photograph will not be the exact plant that you receive. It is a fast grower for me and one of my favorites. Look at the aerial roots already present right where the leaves are. Bigger leaf is about 11cm long & 8cm wide. Oh, I love to create so you’ll find a bit of that in the mix along with lots of videos too. Hoyas need loose, aerated soil to maintain a healthy root system. Such a shock to see it go from a big beefy plant to this diminished state. When is the best stage of the growth to repot the Hindu rope plant? My question to you is do I root them in water, the correct direction, or do I put them long way, like air layering and or stick the stem in soil? You can dip the end in rooting hormone (powder or gel), raw unfiltered honey, or real pure cinnamon powder. And that’s it! Fill a pot with a well-drained potting mix, such as one containing perlite, vermiculite, or clean sand to improve drainage. Anyone know what's on my hoya Kerri's stem? Hi Jillian – Hoyas are pretty tough & transplant very well. Clay balls also go by other names: leca (an acronym), hydroton, expanded clay, aggregates or clay pellets and beads, just to cite a few.They’re produced by heating clay up to 2000°F (1200°C), making the gases inside expand to look like a sponge or honeycomb.. My large H. variegata topiary is in need of pruning & training. I would imagine that those stems that had leaves would produce them again. 13. It will be up to me to propogate them. No flowers but it was huge. I have a three-leaf, four-node cutting of Hoya Caudata 'Sumatra' that I hope to root. My friend has the outside, texas heat, under some beautiful oak trees. I’ve always had success with stem cuttings whether I rooted them in water or in a mix. Nell. Both methods work great. How to Re-Pot Hindu Rope Plants. If you don’t see roots, just pin the softwood stems down and they’ll appear. The 2nd way I’ve tried but haven’t had any success with and that is by leaf cutting. I have cuttings in large mason jars filled with pre-soaked LECA. I do advise against rooting Hoyas in spaghum moss. Annie, I love them too Linda – the foliage & flowers are lovely. Regular price $2.50 Sale price $2.50 Sale. So they should receive partial sunlight, and take care not to put them directly under the sun: Rhynchostylis plants are sensitive to bright light. Some people use cacti/succulent soil in place of regular potting soil, by the way, which works just fine! Most hoya varieties will grow very happily in quite small pots, and are particularly suited to growing in hanging baskets. They’re fabu  for holding down cuttings, making wreaths, flower arranging and training topiaries. The leca is available on Amazon or eBay and there are multipleYouTube videos showing how easy it is to grow Hoya in leca. Talking about it to a friend and she has sent for seeds. How those downsides affect you depends on your time, patience, and resources. It is very easy to propagate Hoya curtisii. 3) do something else? I am not great at gardening or tending for plants. Hoya Pubicalyx Royal Hawaiian Purple plant, rooted in leca, beautiful. Will ship as is, with sphagnum moss for moisture. Live plant stickers - roll of 500. I’ve also used succulent and cactus mix which has worked just fine. Keep water in the container just above the bottom node and when the roots appear, make certain they’re covered too. Then root the cutting in water or damp sandy soil. I am down to two leaves and a thin leafless viney thing coming out. And now they are so sick. Okay, so I got my hoya imbricata cutting today and I'm soooo excited!! These are cuttings from that long long strand I got from the dry…” Saved by Asha. At this time of year when the weather’s warm, they’ll be rooted & ready to cut loose within a couple of months. If you make cuttings and place these in water or soil, those roots will continue to grow for you. One piece broke off, the stem was beige and has leaves on it. I tend to propagate most of my plants in water as I’m pretty obsessed with seeing roots (after all, I … Once rooted, cut back the amount of moisture and water like you would normally with a Hoya! Whilst using soaked leca won’t harm a lot of plants, there are some that would really pretty to start off in dry leca – especially more succulent plants like hoya. Required fields are marked *. If growing indoors, choose a well lit spot, away from direct afternoon sun.

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