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My 19" 308 bolt gun is quieter to shoot with supersonic ammo than my 300blk AR with sub's. I contemplated the 308 load and thought I would use a heavy projectile for white tail. If a person was to only use suppressors when he shoots the cost and quality of life experience would far exceed the cost of the suppressors if he didn't need hearing aids later in life. Good to know on the ammo. I initially loaded at 10.0gr but still felt like there was a slight crack like it may have been on the threshold of supersonic/transonic. But I customized it by using a low profile gas block quad rail handguard and a MagPul MOE stock, and a Nikon… Read more ». Why not a semiauto .300 Blackout? I made three each with standard and magnum primers. If Gemtech can accomplish supersonic hearing safe noise reduction in those extremely popular calibers, it could revolutionize the market. $22.95. For ammo, we chose bulk Winchester brand ammo from Walmart in order to test with what is most commonly used in these suppressed hunting platforms. The 180gr RN is a fairly archaic design and would be right at home in vintage .30-03 loadings dating back over one hundred years while the 225gr ELD bullet represents the very cutting edge of projectile technology in our current age. How much Dacron would put in the cartridge? the horses usually just look my way after the first shot. I also happen to have Trail Boss for .223 subsonic. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Now waiting for the Sig SRD 338Ti QD for my Lapua! But it was still pretty interesting. The thing to remember about supersonic ammo is that it creates a lot sonic boom as it’s leaving the barrel, and this contributes a lot to its high noise level. The report from the rifle is directional and the suppressor reduces that. If you searching to evaluate 308 Ammo Can For Sale And 308 Suppressed Subsonic Vs Supersonic Ammo price. Chasing hogs in West Texas, the Rex subs worked quite well at 125 yards and less. Josh Wayner has been writing in the gun industry for five years. and shot an axis buck at close range (75 yds.) You are almost guaranteed a keyhole from a 1:12 bore. If you are not 100% satisfied with your suppressor after your Form 4 is approved, you may return it to Silencer Shop for a full refund (in the form of a Gift Certificate) of the silencer (minus Tax Stamp) within 90 days of your Form 4 approval date. It is true that you give up a lot to go subsonic. 5 rounds just for testing. Your work was very helpful. The magnum primer load in the 180gr/12gr load was substantially more accurate at 100yds than the standard LR primer variation. The rifle would go "pfffft" and a second later you'd hear a "crack" bounce back off the mountain .... either that, or someone WAS shooting at me {:-{. when I back up to keep the westerly sun off of me the bounce back of the blast is quite a bit louder bouncing off the house wall, but I still like the suppressor because my neighbor has several horses just over the fence about 50 yds away. Just like I mentioned earlier, three of each charge weight were loaded with both magnum and standard primers. AmmoLand Giveaway – 5,000 Rounds of CCI Blazer 9mm Ammo FREE! Points-of-impact in my brief .308 Win. Are factory standard FMJ 230gr .45acp rounds ok to use? Just my two cents. Not to waste a good day at the range, I fired the rest for data and received interesting results. There are better cases to use. The (5) rounds naturally… Read more ». When people first start learning about suppressors, one of the first 'facts' they learn is typically that you can't suppress supersonic ammunition. require(['jquery','owl.carousel/owl.carousel.min'],function($){jQuery(document).ready(function(){jQuery('').on('click',function(){jQuery('.input-search-zipcode').val('');});jQuery('').on('click',function(){jQuery('#search-by-state-name').val('');});if(jQuery(".catalog-product-view .dealer-reviews > a").html()=="undefined Reviews"){jQuery(".dealer-reviews > a").html("0 Reviews")}jQuery('.reset-dealers').insertAfter('.footer-bt-links');if(jQuery("body").hasClass("customer-account-logoutsuccess")){var getUrl=window.location;var baseUrl=getUrl.protocol+"//""/";var loginUrl=baseUrl+'customer/account/login/';jQuery("ul.header .authorization-link > a").attr('href',loginUrl)}$("#banner-slider-demo-1").owlCarousel({items:1,autoplay:true,autoplayTimeout:5000,autoplayHoverPause:true,dots:true,nav:true,navRewind:true,animateIn:'fadeIn',animateOut:'fadeOut',loop:true,navText:["",""]});$("#new_product .owl-carousel").owlCarousel({autoplay:false,autoplayTimeout:5000,autoplayHoverPause:true,loop:true,navRewind:true,rewindSpeed:0,margin:30,nav:true,navText:["",""],responsive:{0:{items:1},640:{items:2},768:{items:3},992:{items:3},1200:{items:4}}});$("#bottom_category.owl-carousel").owlCarousel({autoplay:false,autoplayTimeout:5000,autoplayHoverPause:true,loop:true,navRewind:true,margin:0,nav:true,dots:false,navText:["",""],responsive:{0:{items:2},640:{items:3},768:{items:4},992:{items:4},1200:{items:6}}});});jQuery(document).ajaxComplete(function(){setTimeout(function(){jQuery('.product-info-main').addClass('price-show')},1000);});jQuery(document).ready(function(){jQuery('#banner-slider-demo-1 .item').each(function(){var imgPath=jQuery(this).find('img').attr("src");jQuery(this).css('background-image','url('+imgPath+')');});});}); Always FREE Shipping and NO TRANSFER FEES! We tested some subsonic .308 loads yesterday. I suspect that I could indeed get a faster and better load out of the 225 ELD if I loaded the bullet longer and added more powder in the newly freed space in the case, but that would defeat the purpose of having a magazine fed rifle. There are several schools of thought when it comes to picking the right bullets for subsonic use. Like a 7" AR9 pistol for example? I, therefore, decided to try them as low-velocity reloads (for practicing sight alignment & trigger control) in my .308 Win Savage 110, using Trail Boss (12 gr). subsonic test ranged from 4 to 6 mils below my suppressed/supersonic zero. I have used both successfully, however my preference is now to fill the case with a high density powder. Aside from the loss of accuracy, you'll also lose significant range simply because the bullet is traveling slower. I have 180 grain Sierra bullets and am thinking about trying the Trail Boss at 12 grains for a subsonic load. Because of the length of the 225gr bullet, I became concerned with the available space inside my Lapua brass. Below is a audio demonstration of supersonic and subsonic bullets shot from a Remington 700 Rifle with a Gemtech (Caliber: 7.62mm NATO / .308) Suppressor. I think you meant to write “low density” not “high density.”, The “detonation” myth has been around for quite some time. I am using Trail Boss in my suppressed Ruger 77 in .308. The loads were tested for both accuracy, stability, and velocity at a proving range of 25 yards and for accuracy only at 100 yards. After speaking with David Stark at Discreet Ballistics, crafting a subsonic .308 load that is also match-accurate is a tricky process. Quick review Add to cart.308 Win 208gr A-Max SUBSONIC. Because pushing their unrivaled getting pregnant, improved additionally currently accommodated absolutely no over by yourself. With a rough idea in mind, I started the process with necksized Lapua Rifle Brass. I found that there was no discernible correlation between velocity and standard vs. magnum primers. The .308 Subsonic, or .308 Winchester was made by Winchester in 1952. SJ bullets to hunt squirrel’s once after reading it worked. Now the bolt and spring in the AR-10 is annoying - because I can hear it!. Since I was shooting “standard” reloads at the range, at the same time I tried (5) rounds of 110gr/12gr TrailBoss rounds, I didn’t reset the scope, and I didn’t have my chrony to measure velocity. 300 blackout 1-8 or 1-7 twist AR or bolt gun. The projectile must be able to stabilize in subsonic flight in order to be accurate. In addition to firearms-related work, Josh enjoys working with animals and researching conservation projects in his home state of Michigan. The rifle I have has a 13.5” barrel with a 1:10 twist. Super Suppressed ammo also uses clean burning powders to leave less carbon and lead residue in your can. I use a 220 gr cast for a couple of reasons though some 220 gr jacketed are used. but made enough noise to scare everything else off. Obviously did not cycle. I am thinking the 12 grain load is a safer point as I do not want to stick the bullet…, A little off subject. ha ha, I did the same thing in a 30-06 with good results. The Hybrid 46 has a recommendation not to use lead projectiles. Out Of Stock.308 Win 168gr A-Max SUBSONIC. $26.95. $28.95. USA –  -( Understanding the principles of making subsonic ammunition takes time and a bit of creativity. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Ammunition comes into play, and you will be given choice, especially subsonic versus supersonic ammunition. Without the suppressor, I can’t tell the difference between subsonic ammo (that is, normal pressure ammo like the AmEag stuff, CCI Standard Velocity, etc) and supersonic … A suppressor with supersonic ammunition will suppress the gun blast, but not the super sonic crack of the bullet. I have hearing aids but they are painful to wear so they are wasted money. $28.95. I originally wanted to start with 13gr of TB, but I heard crunching when I seated the bullets to mag length. This allows you to fill the case (little or no air space) and still achieve the velocities you want. I bet that will be fun to shoot because that is one loud rifle! I initially loaded at 10.0gr but still felt like there was a slight crack like it may have been on the threshold of supersonic/transonic. Starting high ensures that you know the ceiling of your loads given that there is a danger of getting a bullet stuck in the barrel if you start too low. I contemplated the 308 load and thought I would use a heavy projectile for white tail. I used reduced loads in a 30-06 once with 100 gr. Factory subsonics have not always been subsonic in our rifles (savage 110 tactical) so spent past 3 days and over 100 rounds trying to get an accurate 220 gn load.… Read more », I came across this article while searching for .308 Win subsonic loads for my AR10. I want to create a subsonic round for my 300WM. maybe trump will help us out on the hpa. It means plain lead or non coated bullets. First squirrel exploded so badly I could only find bits and pieces of it. Suppressed vs. Unsuppressed .308 Win. As such, I decided it best to use the same charge weights as the 180gr load. Most are familiar with the use of heavy match bullets in the .300 Blackout and rightfully so. So which one will fare better at the same speed? When deciding whether to invest the time and money to purchase and obtain a suppressor to use with pistols and/or long guns, a shooter should consider other factors in addition to suppressor brand, type and performance. Often times I can't hear a dude using a .308 suppressed rifle and he's less than 80 meters away. Out Of Stock.308 Win 168gr A-Max SUBSONIC. It is far better to reduce a load from 1200fps to 1050 than to start out at 600fps and accidently blow your gun up. Just a test, these rounds more suited to a bolt action rifle. Wouldn’t the residue from the stuffing create a residue in the barrel? Neither leave a residue, both achieve the desired results and won’t affect your accuracy potential. BTHP I bought for 300BLK subsonic and got to thinking maybe load up a few for the AR10. For example, shooting a full-power .270 or .308 is completely comfortable for most people when using a bolt action rifle. In short, I’m using something that simply launches bullets in order to remove obstructions that could cause error. I load lots of .38 with Trail Boss and love how it works. 308 Suppressed Subsonic Vs Supersonic Ammo will be the most popular goods introduced the foregoing 1 week. Quick review. Quick review. The Remington Model 700 in .308, and a Tika T3 .223 varmint rifle. I could have bought several more suppressors for what the aids cost.

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